Residency Programs

Evidence-Based Medicine

Evidence-Based Medicine Presentation (Amphitheater)

Use Powerpoint (about 13 minute talk/team)


  Clinical Question: (Use P.I.C.O. format: Patient, Intervention (treatment, test), Comparison, Outcome)

   Opinion regarding answer before EBM research:

  Patient Presentation:

  Database Search: (Attach search strategy)

  Review of Literature: (Give summaries of important studies, reviews and EBM analyses)

   For each study give:

  • Study design

  • Patient type and number

  • Control group characteristics (if applicable)

  • Results

  • Analysis (proper control group, bias in selection or evaluation, confounding variables, clinical vs. statistical significance and power (if study negative))

  Conclusion: Answer to clinical question.

  Application to my patient: (Is enough known to make a decision, is the information relevant to my patient, is my patient in agreement with my recommendations?  What did you do and what happened to your patient?)